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Lower your utility bills and power your home or business with clean, quiet solar energy. Connecticut's oldest and most trusted solar company, Aegis designs and installs solutions with a lifetime of guaranteed solar production.

See how solar can transform your home:

Test Your Knowledge:

Solar adds value to your home.


If you own the system, research shows you can add approximately $3500 per kW. However, you do not add value to your home if you lease or sign a PPA.

Solar is expensive!


Over the last 8 years, installed system costs have dropped by 70%.

Installing solar will lower my monthly expenses.


Your new electric bill will be less than what you are currently paying for electricity, saving you real money every month!

Solar panel technology is changing rapidly.


Bell Labs produced the first modern solar cells in 1954. Most solar panels manufactured today still use the same technology.

Solar systems require routine maintenance.


Solar systems require no regular maintenance. In fact solar installers encourage homeowners not to touch them.

Going solar is simple and easy.


Aegis Solar Energy handles all the paperwork to the state and utility company. All you need to do is sign a few forms.

There's still more to learn about solar power – like how much it could save you.