Solar Pool Heating

Swimming pools (and their accompanying furniture, fencing, and accessories) are a sizable investment. But if your pool is frequently too cold to comfortably swim in, you are not realizing the full benefit of your investment.

But there’s good news – solar pool heating is the most cost-effective of all solar applications, and it can effectively double the length of your swim season! Go solar and enjoy your pool every day from May through September, while eliminating or greatly reducing your heating costs.

How It Works

To heat outdoor pools, water is circulated through a black plastic unglazed collector, where it is warmed and then returned to the pool. The system ties into the existing filter and pool pump. The collector can be mounted on the roof or on a ground mount as long as it gets 4 to 6 hours of sunlight per day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose solar to heat your pool?A solar pool heating system is the only heater that eliminates expensive pool heating utility bills. Natural gas and propane heaters are less expensive to install initially but have a significantly higher operating cost. Oil heaters and electric heat pumps cost about the same upfront as solar.

How much will my solar heater cost to operate?Since the sun's energy is free, there are no operating costs to heat your pool.

What size system will I need for my pool?There are many factors which affect this answer, including the size of the pool, how long you want to extend your comfortable swimming season, the wind on the pool, the average relative humidity in your area, and the tilt and orientation of the solar collectors. The solar installer will use this to design the proper solar collection system for your pool.

Do the panels have to face south?Not necessarily. The solar collectors should be installed where they can be in the sun a portion of the day. Depending on the angle of the mounting surface, east- and west-facing systems can function equally as well.

How long will the system last?Solar pool heating collectors will last for 25+ years.

How much does it cost?The total cost of your pool heating system will vary based on the size of the pool and difficulty of installation, but the payback period is the shortest of all solar investments. If you are currently heating your pool with a gas or electric heat pump, your payback can be as little as 2 to 4 years.

Can my existing pool heating equipment be used with a solar pool system?Solar pool heating systems are usually designed to serve as the only heater you need for your pool. However, some customers choose to use the solar pool system in conjunction with their existing pool heater. The solar pool system will act as the primary source of heat and the existing heater as back-up, if needed.